Each carrier shares a daily report before noon with Vamaship containing details of undelivered shipments with reasons.

Vamaship auto updates details of each of the report received from every carrier. Vamaship's system based on shipment nos, consolidates the undelivered shipment for each shipper irrespective of different carriers used by the shipper for their shipments. The shipper is required to review each of the undelivered shipments with respective consignees to provide instructions to Vamaship.

The details of undelivered shipments would be active until mid night, post which the shipper would not be able to provide any instructions for the captioned shipment and the shipment would be marked for failed to provide instructions and RTO. On receipt of instructions from the shipper, Vamaships system auto emails each carrier with a consolidated report containing shipper instructions twice a day.

1st Report is emailed at 9:30 am for action to be taken the same day. 2nd report is emailed at 4:0 pm for action to be taken the next day.

There could be cases, where same AWB details are reflected in undelivered shipments for instructions on 2 consequtive days. The shipper needs to ensure the NDR panel is active at all times and instructions are provided for every shipment before EOD. Any shipment where an instruction is received from the shipper, the carrier communicates to respective centers to action based on instructions. The carrier undertakes random sampling to call the consignee to validate. Based on carrier infrastructure, they may or may not record conversations.