Few sample reasons is mentioned as under -
1. Consignee not available at the time of delivery.
2. Consignee not reachable over phone.
3. Cash not available to pay for cash on delivery shipment.
4. Consignee requested for future date of delivery.
5. Consignee cancelled the order.
6. In correct address of Consignee resulting due to, but not limited to incorrect pin code.
7. Consignee address not identifiable.
8. Consignee requested future delivery date, that is not acceptable by the carrier.
9. Force Majeuere event, where delivering to the address is beyond the control of the carrier
10. Destination address serviceability is deactivated.
11. Consignee address is located in out of delivery area (ODA) of the carrier. Additional cost applicable to deliver.
12. Shipment is damaged in transit.