There are two ways one can book a reverse shipment on Vamaship Platform

        1. A fresh reverse booking

For a Fresh reverse booking you can visit Create and then Click on Domestic Single for single reverse booking or click on Domestic Bulk for Bulk Reverse Booking. after that click on Reverse and provide other details requested on the for and click on Create Shipment.  

After clicking on Create Shipment, you will be redirected on Checkout Page. On the checkout page just fill in the Address Details and after the Payment your shipment will be booked.

        2. Reverse booking for a previously booked forward shipment which is delivered

If you want to book a reverse shipment for a previously booked forward delivered shipment then you just need to visit Shipments page. On the Shipments page you will be able to see option Book Reverse for all the delivered shipment. 

Simply click on the Book Reverse button next to the shipment you want to reverse. After clicking on Book Reverse you will be redirected on Checkout page where you can fill in Address Details and after payment your reverse shipment will be booked.